Bridge The Gap Between You and Your Spirit Guides

Are you ready to start connecting with your Spirit Guides? There's nothing that will change your life more than nurturing this relationship! There's an endless amount of love, support, guidance and blessings in store for you once you start working with high-vibration spirits. Take a look at some valuable information about Spirit Guides, and book a session or package with us to get one-on-one training in working with your guides in magical ways! 

We All Have Spirit Guides Around Us

We each have a council of benevolent Spirit Guides surrounding us at all times. These are scary ghosts or spirits that you should fear, think of them as loving family members who are always on standby to cheer you on and help you out. Sometimes our spirit guides are family members who have passed on, but they can also be our ancestors from further down your family tree, or Gods and Goddesses, Angels, Animal Spirits and Pet Spirits, deceased people who you never met, and more! Some of these guides are with us for life, and others come in to assist for specific needs.

When you start to work with your Spirit Guides life will begin to become more and more aligned over time. This will make finding your true path and calling so much easier, as well as help to resolve many problems caused by living an unaligned life. You may not expect it, but improving your connection to your guides will also over time improve your connection to your family members, to your friends, and even to strangers and other citizens of the planet! Our guides help us to connect to the universal energy that connects us all, and those connecting threads make relationships much easier and more loving once you're working with them.

Your Guides are Eager to Work With You


Our guides aren't just standing by idly, they're already helping you out behind the scenes and moving the odds into your favor throughout your lifetime. Have you ever had a last-minute solution appear out of thin air just when you needed it? That was your guide swooping in to help! Have you had gut feeling, or felt really certain about something that ended up being true? That may have been your Spirit Guides whispering the answer in your ear. They've been helping out your whole life, and they'll continue to do so for your entire lifetime. Some of them are even people you've known from past lifetimes, so you and your guides go WAY back! 

So your Spirit Guides are already helping you out, but their help becomes much more apparent when you start working with them directly. The longer you spend developing your relationship with your guides the easier it will be to understand the messages they're sending you! Working with a seasoned coach or spiritual advisor is a wonderful way to expedite the growth of this beautiful relationship with your Spirit Guides.

The best way to nurture your relationship with your guides is to build a routine with them! A daily routine is most powerful, but any regular schedule will do (weekly, monthly, aligned with planetary events etc). This routine can look many different ways, you should choose something that feels best to you. Here are a look at some very simple ways to connect with your guides on a regular basis:

  • Opening and closing a box dedicated to your Spirit Guides, containing items that are associated with them (this could include feathers you've found, items belonging to loved ones who passed on, photos that are associated with specific guides, and so on)
  • Leaving offerings for your Spirit Guides in an offering bowl or on an altar dedicated to your guides or ancestors. 
  • Writing letters to your guides
  • Doing candle spells or rituals to honor and invoke your guides
  • Speaking affirmations relating to them out loud each day (such as "I am open to receiving messages and following instructions from my Spirit Guides") 
  • Doing Guided Meditations for communing with your guides

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg, there are endless ways that you can work with your guides! The more you work with them the more you'll notice things falling into place and becoming clearer in your life. It's amazing the transformation that can occur through fostering this connection to your guides.

You're Already Getting Messages from Your Guides

Have you been seeing repeating numbers on the clock, or in other places? 

Have you been hearing from people right after thinking of them, but don't know why? 

Have you been frequently seeing feathers, doves, cardinals, butterflies, or other repeating symbols and animals throughout nature? 

Your Spirit Guides very well may be the explanation for all of this and more. This is because your guides are constantly working to get your attention. They're dialing your number all day long just waiting for you to pick up the phone. That is why connecting to your Spirit Guides is so easy, because they're already communicating with you even when you're not paying attention or listening. 

Let Us Help You Meet Your Spirit Guides

Connecting to your Spirit Guides isn't difficult, and when you work with one of our expert coaches it's even easier! To get started just schedule your first session on this page, or book a package of sessions and save up to 25%! You can use your session to learn how to connect to your Spirit Guides on deeper levels, or you can have your coach relay messages from your guides to you directly. We can't wait to work with you, we're as excited as your guides are! Here's a look at just a few of the Spirt Guide sessions and services we offer:

  • Help with meeting your Spirit Guides 
  • Tips on what types of messages to be on the lookout for
  • Assistance with decoding the messages you're currently receiving 
  • One-on-one guided meditation sessions designed to help you commune with your Spirit Guides
  • Downloadable meditations for meeting your guides
  • Relayed messages from your guides / Information about the guides around you
  • Suggestions for ways to connect with your guides in more meaningful ways
  • Ideas for how to enhance your current Spirit Guide practice  
  • Open up clearer communication with your guides
  • and much more! 
Learn How to Connect with your Spirit Guides
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